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Better Basketball Research

No more searching through 1,000 tabs and a dozen websites. All of the data and research tools that you need to analyze basketball prop bets in one place.

Visualize & Analyze

Interactive data at your fingertips to break down trends for individual player stats like points, rebounds, assists, PRA, fantasy scores and much more.

Historical Lines and Game Charts

Our player pages allow you to compare performance against historical PrizePicks lines. Bars are red or green based on hit rate vs. current lines with green or red circles to show historical lines.

Advanced Filters

All graphs on the player pages are clickable and will filter the game log. This allows you to quickly filter on extra dimensions like home/away, game result, minutes played, recent timespan, and much more.

Odds Comparison

Compare PrizePicks lines to public odds at other sportsbooks all in one place to quickly discover value.

Discover Board Trends

Our prop board shows every prop on the board and is easily sortable and filterable with hit rates, home/road hit rates and recent performance. This is the best way to find board errors, outliers and track line movement.